The little studio comes to life

The little studio comes to life

The little studio comes to life

October 12, 2011 | Letterpress | No Comments

It is official! After months of looking for a press, then another couple of months of searching for the perfect home for it, Creative Lab officially has a studio space. I couldn’t be more excited and ready to get printing! After tweaking with some wiring and ordering some supplies, the press (a 1931 Chandler and Price 10 x 15) runs like a beauty.  I ran my first print (simple, but it is a start) last week and cannot wait to see what adventures are to come ahead. Enjoy some of the first shots of the press, studio and of course, Jackson, the shop dog!Creative Lab Press Studio Side View

Creative Lab Press Lead Type Case

Creative Lab C & P Letterpress Close Up

Creative Lab Letterpress lock up

Chandler & Price Letterpress - Creative Lab Press

Creative Lab Press Studio Dog

Creative Lab Press work space

Creative Lab Press First Print

Creative Lab Press Rose Bush

Creative Lab Press Studio East Wall

Creative Lab Press Shop Dog

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